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Bharatkalyan97: Beauty of the confluences of rivers

Bharatkalyan97: Beauty of the confluences of rivers: 1. Confluence of the Rhone and Arve Rivers in Geneva, Switzerland 2. Confluence of the Ilz, Danube, and Inn Rivers in Passau, Germany ...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Masjids and madrasas are thriving? How come Muslims are offering Namaz on the road? How come Muslims are proclaiming 5 times a day on loud speakers that there is no God except Allah? When Hindus gave to Muslims 30% of Bharat for a song, why should Hindus now beg for their sacred places at Ayodhya, Mathura And Kashi?


There are nearly 52 Muslim countries. Show one Muslim country where Hindus are extended the special rights that Muslims are accorded in India? Show one country where the 85% majority craves for the indulgence of the 15% minority. Show one Muslim country, which has a Non-Muslim as its President or Prime Minister.

Show one Mullah or Maulvi who has declared a 'fatwa' against terrorists. Hindu-majority Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, Pondicherry , etc. have in the past elected Muslims as CM’s, Can you ever imagine a Hindu becoming the CM of Muslim - majority J&K? Today Hindus are 85%. If Hindus are intolerant, how come Masjids and madrasas are thriving? How come Muslims are offering Namaz on the road? How come Muslims are proclaiming 5 times a day on loud speakers that there is no God except Allah? When Hindus gave to Muslims 30% of Bharat for a song, why should Hindus now beg for their sacred places at Ayodhya, Mathura And Kashi?

Why Temple funds are spent for the welfare of Muslims and Christians, when they are free to spend their money in any way they like? When uniform is made compulsory for school children, why there is no Uniform Civil Code for citizens? In what way, J&K is different from Maharashtra, TamilNadu or UttarPradesh, to have Article 370?

Why Gandhiji objected to the decision of the cabinet and insisted that Somnath Temple should be reconstructed out of public fund, not government funds, when in January 1948 he      pressurized Nehru and Patel to carry on renovation of the Mosques of Delhi at government expenses? Why Gandhi supported Khaliafat Movement (nothing to do with our freedom movement) and what in turn he got? If Muslims & Christians are minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar etc., are Hindus not minorities in J&K, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya etc? Why are Hindus denied minority rights in these states? Do you admit that Hindus do have problems that need to be recognized?    Or do you think that those who call themselves Hindus are themselves The problem?  Why post - Godhra is blown out of proportion, when no-one talks of the
    ethnic cleansing of 4 lakh Hindus from Kashmir? In 1947, when India was partitioned, the Hindu population in Pakistan was about 24%. Today it is not even 1%. In 1947, the Hindu population in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was 30%. Today it is about 7%. What happened to the missing Hindus? Do Hindus have human rights?  In contrast, in India, Muslim population has gone up from 10.4% in 1951 to about 14% today; whereas Hindu population has come down from 87.2% in 1951 to 85% in 1991. Do you still think that Hindus are fundamentalists?  Do you consider that - Sanskrit is communal and Urdu is secular, Mandir is Communal and Masjid is Secular, Sadhu is Communal and Imam is secular, BJP is communal and Muslim League is Secular, Dr.Praveen Bhai Togadia ,Gujrat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and, Acharya Arya Nareshand Ashok Shingal  are  ANTI-NATIONAL and Bukhari is Secular, Vande Mataram is communal and Allah-O-Akbar is secular, Shriman is communal and Mian is secular, Hinduism is Communal and Islam is Secular, Hindutva is

communal and Jihadism is secular, and at last, Bharat is communal and Italy is Secular?

When Christian and Muslim schools can teach Bible and Quran, Why Hindus cannot teach Gita or Ramayan ?

Abdul Rehman Antuley was made a trustee of the famous Siddhi Vinayak Temple in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Can a Hindu - say Mulayam or Laloo – ever become a trustee of a Masjid or Madarsa? Dr. Praveen Bhai Togadia has been arrested many times on flimsy grounds. Has the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi, Ahmed Bukhari been arrested For claiming to be an ISI agent and advocating partition of Bharat? When Haj pilgrims are given subsidy, why Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath, Sabarimalai & Kailash Mansarovar are taxed? A Muslim President, a Hindu Prime Minister and a Christian Defence Minister run the affairs of the nation with a unity of purpose.

It’s a big Hoax that Terrorist’s have no religion! Here is that:-
1.       O Muslim Believers ! don’t make Yahudies and Christians as your friends . Who will be do so, will be known likewise . Sura 5 Aayat 51 .
2.       O Believers ! (Muslim) Don’t make Non-Muslim as your friends and real friends . Sura 3:28, 4:89 , 9:16 .
3.       O Muslims ! don’t marry unbelievers men and women till they are not converted . Sura 2 : Aayat 221 .
4.       Momin men and women are only friends to each other .. No Muslim should kill the other muslim and should not take other Momins money . Do Jihad with Non-Muslims .. Their last shelter is Hell . Sura 9 Aayat 71, : Sura 4 : 29, Sura 9 : 73 .
5.       Non-Muslims are from Devils party “ Momins are from Allahas party ” will win and the devils party will defeat . Sura 58 Aayat 19-21 .
6.       Hang and Cut the hands and legs of non-beleivers . Where you find out Mushrik “Non-Muslim”.. kill them .. Sura 5 Aayat 33, Sura 9 Aayat 5 .
7.       Non-believers “Christians” say that Yeshu is the son of God , They don’t know what they say .. Sura 10 Aayat 60,68 .
8.       They “Christians,Yahudies” say that no one else can enter the Heaven except them . Are they having any proof ? Sura 2 Aayat 111 .
9.       O Christians and Yahudies ! Don’t cross your limits , Allaha is one and only one.. when he is not having any wife then how he can have any son . Don’t mix untruth with truth .. Sura 1 Aayat 171 , Sura 6 Aayat 100,101 .
10- Those Christians have made worldly saints and the son of Mariyam “Yeshu” as . their God.. But there is no God except Allaha.. Sura 9 Aayat 31 .
11.    Those “Christians” having book , neither they believe Allaha nor the last day .. “O Muslims” fight with them , make them slaves rule upon them and they should pay Jizia “ Muslim ruler Tax for safe living of Non-Muslims” . Sura 9 Aayat 29 .
12.    O Book believers ! “Christians & Yahudis” don’t discuss or debate the subject which you don’t know . “Ibrahim” was neither Yahudi nor Christian but he was a pure Muslim . He was never from Mushriks (Non-Muslims) . Quran Sura 3 Aayat 65-67.Meanings of all Quran Aayat from M.S.S. Abul fazal enclave Jamia nagar Del-25 Ph.26911652
13.    There is no excuse for a Muslim from Jihad.. The only check for a real Muslim is Jihad . Allaha is giving punishment through the hands of Jihadies and also helping them for the same . Allaha will also remove the all miseries of Jihadies . Give shelter to other Jihadies and help them . where ever you find Non-Muslims murder them.. Allaha is very merciful and great forgiver . Sura 9 Aayat 44,14, Sura 8 Aayat 72 Sura 9 Aayat 5 .
14.    O Believers “Muslims”! fight with non-believers which are close to you , they should get punishment from you .. Allaha has taken your life in return of Haven . Be happy on this deal . Fight on the path of Allaha , kill and be killed . It is not suitable for a Muslim profat to keep the Non-Muslims in his prison, (kill them Because)they may do bloodshed on the Earth . Fitna (war between two ideologies) is verse than Slaughtering . Sura 9: 123,111, Sura 8:67, Sura 2:193
15.    Looted money , meals and females of Non-Muslims are pious for use. Sura 8:69,  Ayat4:24.
 More the Ministers Media and money shelter , More the Blasts ? Is Saving Of Momin Vote is More Important Than Mother Land It is a big shame on the behalf of our country leaders those even after expending 1000 crore of rupees our secular Ministers are not able to eradicate Terrorism . Every day so many innocent loyal citizen of Bharat are butchered easily by fearless Muslim Terrorists .Because the Muslim vote hungry leaders have not searched properly the main reason of blasts by Muslim Terrorists , and even not done the work at the root level to eradicate terrorism . One after another thousand’s of innocent loyal citizen of India have been killed by the serial of blasts . After Delhi bomb blasts Home-Minister of Indian congress changed his cloths thrice in three hours in spite 0f looking after the near by blast affected crying and dying citizens . Are the common citizens not having soul and blood in their body like our sleeping leaders ? Our vote and money hunger Leaders and News givers should Know that these are not the simple terrorist attacks . Here in India our ministers and media people call those terrorism spreading men as only “Terrorists” but in other countries they are called “Muslim Terrorists” . Our Leaders should act like Aust.P.M.Mr. Johan Howard , China ,Japan and Russia saying no place for Quranic Jihadi Muslims in our Nation .
Because here terrorism and the terrorists are not called “Muslim”, so having shelter of no defamation they are increasing it proudly with the help of Indian Minorities commission’s 800 crore rupees . Along with this because the Muslims are not disclosed as terrorist so without the fear of insult other Indian Muslims are also helping them and increasing Terrorism.
To eradicate Terrorism honestly one thing very important should be acknowledged by the Ministers and the Media that these Muslim terrorists are not blasting to their on will .But they are Blasting again and again in the Hindu majority areas with the inspiration and the order of their Allaha through their most loyal book Quran . In Quran it is explained very clearly that it is the first duty of a Muslim to do Jihad with there property and lives against Non-Muslims .To convert them in Muslims sect with their Country or kill them , Burn them , Loot them with their women and make their Country as a Muslim state . For reference see few aayats of Islamic Quran . i.e. 2:191, 3:56,142,,4: 24,29,56, 95, 5;33, 21, 8:6, 12,67, 9:5,24,33, 44 81,111. Translation from Dr Mohd & Maulana Mohd Faruq Khan Publisher M. S. S Davat Nagar Jamia Nagar Delhi-25
It is very sorry that in spite of giving Death punishment to these traitors like Moh. Afjal, Abu salem and Telagi , government is providing special facilities to them . without knowing the above true root cause of increasing Terrorists and giving severe punishment , no one government will be able to abolish terrorism . Along with this , the right of vote should be taken back from all Quran believing Muslims . Government of India should stops all the special reservation and financial help for Muslims . Only one type of Constitution should be followed equally by the all citizens of India either he is a Arya-Khalsa- Hindu or a Muslim . Right of more then one wife , many children , reser- vation in Government sector , financial help for terrorist producing Quranic Madarsas and Haj pilgrimage should be stopped as early as possible
To eradicate Quranic terrorism at the root level a meeting should be held as soon as possible inviting Muslims and Aryan Scholars . Leaders and Media persons know very well that before demanding the division of Nation for independent Muslim state as Pakistan same type of Terrorism was mechanized by the Muslim leaders with the help of Muslim Terrorists . Now following the same “Muslim Terrorism”trend they are again demanding Independent Muslim state Kashmir without any hitch or shame . Then after Kashmir will it be the turn of other country states like U.P. ,Kerala , North-East, Bihar and Andhra-Pradesh ? Please think it over and pass on to others .
THINK IT OVER :  Is not increasing the Muslims means decreasing the Nation
Should super traitors be called only Separators ! Helpers of Kashmiri Traitors like Arundhati should also be called traitor Is it not a big shame on behalf of dirty politics that due to the hunger of Muslim votes, nation traitors are called only separators ? Should those be not called super traitors who have shed blood of so many innocent nationalists in Kashmir . Should the nationalists help those Kashmiri traitors for the division of country like Pak. If a Mental case like Arundhati which we should call Andhmati (fused mind) is helping or speaking in the side of traitors so she should be given severe punishment like a traitor . Is this illiterate lady don’t know that for the independence of our nation so many martyrs has laid down their important lives . For the unity of the Nation, our great Home-Minister Sardar Patel joined so many different states . Any person like Arundati who will love the dialog of the division will also be known as super traitor . Agitation of Kashmiri Muslims is not for Meals Rashan But for Quranic Muslim Nation .
Actually we should not call Kashmiri Muslim traitors as separators . separators are not bad but good persons , because they give good things to the nation . i.e. the separate cream from the milk leaving separate milk .They separate oil from the mud . separate wheat & rice from the hay (bhuusa) . They separate gold, platinum & diamond from simple soil & stones . So these separators who are giving us valuable things for peaceful life should not be called equal to traitors . Super traitors are those hardcore terrorist or Kashmiri Muslim jihades who want to divide the nation . They want to mix gold bird Bharat heaven with the dirty terrorist Pak land . For cleaning mother land, those traitors are not only throwing Pakistani terrorist out of Kashmir but also the Patriot Indians . Hindustan murdabad but Pakistan jindabad .They are burning the National flag but flying the Pakistani Flags . They are not joining their hands with Delhi but with Lahore who is creating terrorism in Bharat and always bombing our borders .
If they are trying to make Kashmir a Muslim state like Pakistan, even then, they should not be called separators . According to Quranic version, a Muslim country like Bangladesh and Pakistan. it is the first and foremost duty of a Muslim state to keep on fighting with non Muslim state like Bharat. When without Muslim rule Kashmir they have already throne about ten lakhs Arya,Khalsa Hindus out of Kashmir then what will happen afterwards . Muslim terrorism in India is going on since 80 years . due to the Muslim vote & leadership hunger. well educated illiterate-leaders. the so called white dressed leaders never gone through Quran . It is very clear in Quran that a Muslim should do jihad for Islam which means slaughtering and looting of non-Muslims with their Wives , mothers, sisters & daughters . The property looted in Jihad from non-Muslims is pious for Islamic persons . It is the first and foremost duty of a Muslim to fight while living in
(Dar-ul-harab) non-Muslim state for the creation of (Dar-ul-haram )Islamic state .
In evidence. anybody can see so many aayats in Quran which were also narrated by Maharshi Dayanand Sarswati in his Holy Book Satyarth Prakash’s 14th chapter( Light of the Truth). Even a pamphlet was distributed throughout the country in the name of Mohd.Tariq Ahamed Siddiqi Hazi Srinagar “Azad Kashmir” which shows so many dangerous Quranic aayats against non-Muslims like Arya Khalasa Hindus . After knowing all this, intellectual or an intellect body could call these traitors just only Separators ? If we call terrorists as traitors then we should call Kashmiri Traitors as Super Traitors .
Near about 3 years back I wrote an article in Hindi “Kashmir ki samasya , seema ki nahin sampraday ki hai” on Kashmir problem , that this is not due to Boundaries but due to majority of Muslims . after independence so many states has occurred for proper administration like Jharkhand , Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal , But no one state throne out their Hindu brothers like in Kashmir . It is very clear that the Muslim leaders of Kashmir want to make it a Independent Muslim state which should not be under the rule of India . As stated by Mr.Geelani Jamaat-e-islami we cannot live under the rule of secular India “creed of socialism and secularism should not touch our lives and we must be totally governed by the Quran and sunnat [ precedents from Prophet Muhammad’s life]” From The Hindu 10/09/2008 page 12 . It is very true that after making their majority Muslims demanded Pakistan , After that in India they have taken so many facilities
like Madarsa Haj financial help, special reservation in government services facilities of 4 wives and so many children with assumption from family planning . And after coming in a big majority with these facilities they are demanding an independent Kashmir Muslim state . In Bharat, yet, no one Madarsa Moolvi or Muslim leader like Maulana Bukhari has criticized it . It is evident from the Kashmir example that where ever in India Muslims are majorityi.e. , above 50 percent, they are demanding a separate Muslim State . Leaders should think it over deeply and for more knowledge must read few aayats of Islamic Quran . i.e. 2:191, 3:56,142,,4: 24,29,56,95, 5;33,21,8: 6,12,67, 9:5,24,33, 44 81,111. translation from Dr Mohd & Maullana Mohd Faruq Khan Publisher Mudhar Sandesh Sangam Davat Nagar Jamia Nagar Delhi-25
Is The Definition Of Art Means Others Defamation
 Few days back the chief Justices of Bharat said :- That the nude Painting of Bharat made by M.F.Hussain is an Art . The Majority of the Orignal Bhartiya’s , Those who had made the Symbol of Bharat Mata with beautiful inspiring cloths , feel shamed and hearted while looking the nude Bharat Mata Painting that is Mother of the whole World . And it is but natural . They even taken it as a great insult of Nation and her natives .
Here one thing more is to be considerable that Arya-Khalsa- hindu people believe in making the Idols of their great personalities for the taking inspiration from them . But the Muslim’s of the world according to their Quran believe in Destroying the Idols and their followers with deep hate .
After going through the Nation’s history we came to know that Muslims and their invader ancestors had destroyed 20,000 Temples with un-countable Idols and still they destroying them during riots .
As their Mugal ancestors M.F.Hussain also following the orders of Quran is Insulting and Defaming the ditties of Hindus in the name of Art. Idol believers are called Mushirks in Quarn . Mushirks are worst type of creasers according to Quran .They are given only two alternatives either Islam or Death .
According to T.P.Hughes Muslim Dictionary Mushirk means Idol believers . Today Muslims are also following it . For more information you can read the following Aayats of Quran Sura 2:Aayat 165, Sura9:Aayat 5,111, Sura29: Aayat 17, Sura 98: Aayat 1,6 , Sura 109: Aayat 1-6 . (read the translation of these Aayats from Quran Edition 1 November 2004 translated by Dr. Mohmd.Ahmed & Mohmd Faruq Khan published by M. S. S Abul Fazal Enclave Jamia-Nagar Delhi-25)
The Chief Justices and so called secular leaders should know that the Malicious M.F.Hussain has not Painted nude Painting’s of the Bharat Mata but also Painted nude Paintings of Durga , Saraswati, Parvati , Sita , Ram and Hanuman ji only to Defame Hindu, Hindu-Dharam and Hindusthan . For more knowledge of judges and readers we want to disclose that this crooked M.F.Hussain has Painted a oil painting in which Hindu Scholar is shown nude but a Muslim fellow with beautiful dress .
With these Historical Quranic evidences , It has proved that the nude Paintings made by Traitor M.F.Hussain is not the symbol of Art but the symbol of hate against Hindu-Dharam .
If any artist thinks that the showing of nude Paintings of well dressed civilized personalities of a Nation is an Art would M.F.Hussain praises the nude Paintings of his own Mother,Wife and Sister made by any Arya-Khalsa- Hindu Artist ? Would he feel happy to see the nude Painting of Mohammed and his nine wives made by any Swiss Artist ? So this type of dirty Artist M.F.Hussain is a great Curse on the behalf of Aryavart that is Bharat . This type of dirty crasher should get severe Punishment for Molesting Bharat-Mata symbol and the great Personalities of the Nation .



Rampant corruption is ascending in an alarming proportion towards the peak of the climax and so far its galloping race could not be halting even through thousand of acts and ordinance have beer assassinated. This picture og disharmony in the epic  of progress  never imperilled the fundamental of duty and obedience which is the basis of social discipline A disaster chaos confusion and penetration of hatred between reaction of citizen murdering the fellow bring in brutal manner destroying their property and even looting them just for satisfying their carnal desire have emerged into society.
Illiteracy reigns with a complete absence of enlightened opinion which develops persistent to subordinate National interest to personal interest. Political parties motivated with vested interest dance to usurp power through any means fair or foul even at the cost of national interest. Party system has pushed to advance its own schemes upon the ruin of the rest. These are same, who are wedded to rest out corruption from public life, of course, their view looks very sound in the interest of the country but its implementation is not easy in the light that mostly these who are entrusted with such pious job to eliminate corruption, are themselves corrupt .We are now slaves of destructive elements and foreign ambitions. The human being is said to be in a state of psychological retardation’s with the result that they act in nefarious activity with impurity. Actually fear of loss of power makes the individual corrupt, not the power as such.
The robbers have generally plundered the rich, but the Government got generally use to plunder the poor person and protect those rich person who assist them in nefarious and criminal activities. However the robbers have risked their life while going such crime while Government risks nothing and base their activities on deception. The present set up had opened a channel of evils which has certainly increased the steam of mal-administration. The main reason for this cancer, which is spreading like a wild fire is due to steep depression in standard of morality and lack of efficiency and corruption amounting to arbitrariness in its public services which an not be tackled through normal methods of accountability and central. National character is the basis nexus of any set up and in absence of it, the system is simply an anarchy. Such system without education is hypocrisy and nefarious king of government because it pre- suppose for personal responsibility that too often is neglected and as such it becomes more authoritative.
Slogans do not solve the problems rather complicate them very deep. We have adopted an idea of welfare state but after several items of experience we bound it extremely difficult to achieve its successful working in our country. The attitude of general public, where criticism mainly consists of denouncing the receptive norms would be recorded to it, obviously become doubtful and it provides an excuse for tyranny and mal-administration which has degenerated the national character. Through and proper assessment of legal, political and social condition is essential. The proper approach should be such as to neither demoralise the administration nor leave the citizen without adequate redressal. It is a delicate balancing. The greater the power given to executive, the greater the need to safeguard the citizen from their arbitrary and unfair exercise. Moral damage is more terrible, in aggressive Government is more to be roared than a tiger.Reason obeys itself while ignorance submitted whatever is dictated to it. Freedom does not mean abuse or liberty for licence. Emancipation’s from individual fear is the real condition of knowledge. It is hard to fight for ones desire whatever it wishes to get, it is purchased at the cost of soul. Freedom requires obedience, endeavour, honesty, truthfulness, sacrifice, discipline and character. The heart has its reasons in every individual which reasons do not understand. Therefore a National character is essential.Experimentation is needed for implementation of schemes to propose the system of administration of justice and law which may suit to our system. Society is becoming more complicated to serve the purpose properly because legal justice has a system which is complex and complicated. The law to a certain extend brings with it evils of its own. The principle of natural justice for enforcement in the process of advancement of administration of law and justice is only useful if it is embodied with positive morality. Similarly the state, through the media of legislature and courts of law, has failed to achieve the objective to enforce implementation of justice.
Civil litigation through the court of law compel in criminal proceedings, the accused is punished for his being failed to perform such obligation towards society and duty in respect of individual. There are also the instances where public wrongs are remedied through civil proceedings and likewise private wrongs are punished in criminal court. Some acts may be both civil wrong as well as a crime e.g. a thief may be punished for the offence of theft and an the some time may be forced to restore the stolen property to be real owner. There are certain cases where the enforcement of violated rights are impossible. The proper punishment for such offence is to deprive the accuse involved in such offences from their the victim or to the dependent of such deceased as the case may be. Every private wrong and refusal to discharge such obligations towards society must be dealt with criminal proceeding. Preventive measurements may be implemented even with a slight provedation of certain rights.
Punishment is before all things deterrent and therefore the commission of such offence should be made equivalent to “A Bad Bargain for the Offender”. Punishment should not meant to prevent criminal but to make such punishment an example to the peoples having criminal tendencies as they may not dare to go for it. Deterring the people from breaking the law may protect the society.
“Penalty keeps the people under control, penalty protects them, penalty remains awaken when people are asleep. People are in check by punishment, for it is difficult to find a man who by nature sticks to the path of virtue”.
It is true that simultaneously however preventive punishment has some time have undesirable affect. It may harden the first offender or the innocent criminals who may have committed a crime under certain circumstances which might have never occur again in future and by putting them such criminals in association of hardened criminals, may not procure the desirable results. Therefore in awarding punishment the character and age of offender his breeding, education, environment and circumstances should have been taken into consideration under which crime was committed. The reformative system of punishment must not allowed to assume undue prominence. The emphasis should now be put on the circumstance which might have been responsible for commission of crime, wisdom and the call of humanity no doubt alike suggest that it, consistently with such primary objective the reformation of criminal can be brought about, no means should be emitted by which such desirable objective can be achieved. Therefore even the subsidiary purpose of penal discipline may be kept in the subordination to its primary and principal objective. In certain circumstances the person with whom wrong crime is committed may be allowed to take his revenge or to get adequate compensation from wrong door. The punishment must be inflicted for the role objective keeping in mind that the offender has committed a crime to some individual. Punishment should be imposed in order to avoid the danger of private vengeance. Let the debt be paid and wrong be expiated. We must not divorce the action of offender from his personality. It is better to prevent crimes, then to punish them because crime is a product of social excess. Frivolous litigation should be ironically dealt with by awarding the monetary benefit through exemplary penalty so that valuable time be compensated in term of money.
We are still like cavemen, with our backs turn has had such diversity in unity where the politician has imposed mindless socialism on the nation, which held in all the peoples on devour and enterprise, which has resulted in the transfer of wealth from the honest rich to the dishonest opportunist, the present licence quota Rajya has laid down money empire for bureaucracy. Indians are fifteen percent (15%) of world population and having 1.5% of world’s income. We are 54% of all illiterate of the world who are living in this country. Where 50 million Indians are seeking employment. In 1950 Indians ranks 16th in the list of exporting counties of the world. Now it ranks 43rd . In 1950, India had 2.2% of export of world market today its share stand to 45%. Population of Hong-Kong is 0.7% and its land area is 0.03% of India and yet it has almost three times the trade of India. India has less than half of are percent of worlds tourist traffic.

It is significant to mention here that north has only a quarter of world’s population and it has 70% of wealth and 80% of trade. It has 90% of Industry, 99% of finest and most advanced countries of learning and technology. The total weight of their milk which is surplus is a million ten while the butter is 1.5 million tens. There is 20 million tons of surplus feed. It is interesting that our corruption prevents the benefit of aid from trackling down the poor, Aid goes into the private pockets and as such has stopped all such assistance, which they virtually find as surplus in their countries. A different set of considerations arise when politician ask another country to do finance the corruption in their own State.
Mankind has a habit of serving the worst catastrophes created by its own error or by violent turn of nature. There is any meaning of life in its existence without self organising chance if man is intended to survive. A half conscious leader must come out of his present chaotic life for ideal human unity and un-accomplished gospel and its preservation will only provide a  chance for our success. There is no doubt that a race weary of its own bloodshed and divisiveness will ultimately give its way to a system, which offers the only chance for survival of the species.
Conquest of India says nothing of any natural superiority on the part of British’s and Mughal conquerors, but it is due to lack of character and discipline of Indians, who are subjected by exploiting the divisions and language from its invaders. Spain could not be able to conquer Dutch province with their petty population and the same is with Switzerland and Greeks in old time. Israel and Vietnam are the recent example. India on the other hand was conquered by an Army consisting of its own citizens and the remaining 1/5 part on the average of the invaders. Thus India can hardly be said to had been conquered at all by invaders. She was rather conquered herself. The truth is that there is no India in political and scarcely in any other sense. It is a geographical expression invaders subjugated and abrogated the resources of the country by its own weakness and succeeded in their policy of “Divide and Rule”. Which our politicians have borrowed in succession. Alexander invaded the country and defeated kind porus with the help of the Indian Rules. Since the time of rise of Mahmood Ghaznavi a steady storm of invasion has paved in India, because the tie of nationality was broken and patriotism has situation to their benefit by appeasement policy for traitors and alien to nation. The sacrifice and benevolent achievements by the patriots are subjected to humiliation with politicians, which ever the invaders were not doing with such impunity as they were having their character. Churchill has rightly expressed on eve of independence of our country, that we are committing a folly by giving the power in those hands, who do not know how to live, History will not forget us after the down of 45 years of independence in India as everything will be taxed except air and water, but unfortunately how ever the water and open air is taxed, which Churchill was counting in abundance in India.
The diplomacy of British rulers is responsible for partition of India in 1947. They want to see the India continent divided into several political unit in order to Balinese the country. The wanted to keep the great nation internally weak and divided as part of their glival strategy and international power game.
On 28th February, 1947 the Prime Minister of England made the following announcement:-
“His Majesty Government, wish to make it clear that it is their definite intention to take necessary steps to effect the transference of power to responsible India hands by a date not later than June,1948”.
On 3rd June,1947 the actual plan proposal for the British’s prepared partition of India. Since under Government of India Act 1935 the British’s have provided separate electorate and communal representation to the Muslims, they took the under advantage in the High pitch of communal frenzy.
Elections to the central legislative Assembly was held first. The Results of Election to the Central Legislative Assembly were known towards the end of December 1945. The Congress won overwhelming success in the general constituencies while Muslim League won all Muslim Seats. The nationalist Muslims mostly forfeited their deposits in many constituencies. Congress secured 91.3% of the votes cast in Non-Mohammed an constituencies and the Muslim league get 86.6% of the total votes cast in Mohammadan constituencies.
The final figures were: Congress…….57 Muslim League….. 30 Independents…..5 Akali Sikhs….2     &   Europeans….. 8 Total elected seats- 102.
Elections to the provincial Legislatures followed shortly. The results in the different provinces may be summed up as follows:-
SINDH the Muslim League won 27 seats and one independent member jointed it after the elections. The Congress won 21 seats but was jointed by 7 members belonging to two other groups and by one independent labour members. Although the Congress coalition commanded a majority of one over the Muslim League. The leader of the League was asked to a form a Ministry by the Governor. II, N.W.F.P.: The Congress won 30 seats (including 19 Muslim seats) while the Muslim league got only 16. Dr. Khan Sahib formed Congress Ministry. III, Punjab :- Out of 175 seats, the results of the elections were as follows:-
1.    Muslim League-75   Congress-51Akali Sikhs-22
2.    Unionsits-20
3.    Indepenents-7

There were some changes after the election. Congress and Akhil Sikhs formed a working alliance and failed. Eventually a coalition was formed between Congress, Akhil Sikhs and unionists, under Mr. Khizar Hyat Khan who formed the Ministry.
BENGAL:- Our of 250 seats, the Muslim League won only 113 seats and the Congress get 87 seats. Mr. H.S.Shuhrawardy, the leader of the Muslim League negotiated with the Congress for a coalition, but being unsuccessful , formed a League Ministry with the support of independent members.
In other provinces of Bombay, Madras, U.P., Bihar, Orissa and C.P., the Congress won an absolute majority. In Bombay Madras and Orissa provinces the Muslim League captured all the Muslim seats. In the other three provinces namely U.P. Bihar and C.P. the Muslim League captured 54, 34 and 13 seats, out of the total Muslim- 8. Muslim seats numbering 66,44 and 14 respectively.
The ultimate out come of sudden and radical change had diversified effect and impact on religious fanatism of Muslim League represented by Pt. Nehru and Quaid Azam Jinnah bad gone wrong resulting in dis- service to the nation. They could have exposed the political game of British Government. It is unfortunate that in that high pitch of communal frenzy and vitalness the fate of Hindu and Sikh minority than living in Pakistan and the fate of Muslim minority then living in India, who were real victims, was unfortunately forgotten. It the British Rules would have completed to maintain law and order in whole of India till June, 1948, no prejudice  would have caused to either party. Since all thinks were finally settled by 3rd June, 1947. The general expectations of subsiding communal madness by accepting partition of India were believed. Immediately, on the wake of partition, an in human tale of misery and we followed. Communal hatred, madness and barbarism had its free hand both in Pakistan and in India. According to some modest estimates, some six lakhs  people lost their lives and some fourteen lakh had lost their homes. American’s did Sut by dropping Atom Bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the British’s have achieved here in India through diplomacy.Later  remember the distress of Mahatma Gandhi on the wake of partition:-
For it was my desire to live upto the age of one hundred and twenty five years, but now I have no such desire. The objective before me was not just to attain freedom, but also to remove all the social ills in the society which had pertered during the 200 years of the British Rule. They have practically divested us of our traditions of tolerance and harmony, and instead, fermented hatred and discord through their communal politics. I had thought that we could change the entire system and the people of this country and would live together like brothers, in love, harmony and peace, so that coming generations may be blessed with all of that, which we have been deprived of. Therefore, in addition to the freedom of my country relations between the Hindus and the Muslims, since I could not attain my objective, this freedom has become tainted. Today, when in see Hindus and Muslims separated, with more or less permanent gulf, I feel politically and spiritually defeated. I have no desire to live any longer……. when I cannot remove this mutual hatred and ill- will between Hindus and Muslims, and cannot create feelings of love, peace and harmony in the name of God and religion, you tell me whether there is any paint in my living any more. I would prefer death to this kind of life.
We could have accepted the extra t of speech given by Mr. Jinnah on 11.08.1947 initiated the policy of this Government as it is evident that like our national leaders, Mr. Jinnah had realised and openly admitted the folly of accepting partition on communal lines:-
“If you change your past and work together in a spirit, that every one of you, no matter what community he belongs to, no matter what his colour, caste or creed, is first, second, and last, a citizen of this state with equal rights, privileges and obligations, there will be no end to the progress you will make. I cannot emphasise it too much, we should begin to work in that spirit, and in course of time, all these angularities, of the majority and minority communities, the Hindu Community and the Muslim community, because even as regards Muslims, you have pathans, Punjab, Shias, Sunni’s and so on and among the Hindus you have Brahmins, vaishnavas, Khatris also Bengalis, Madrasis and so on, will vanish, you may go to your temples, to masques or any other place of worship, you may belong to any religion or caste or creed, that has nothing with the business of the State…… we are starting with the fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of and State…..”
Social obligations necessarily has to meet out by these commitment of an individual which are required to reconcile such boundation of integration. We have divided our self into isolated do on in respect of our limitations . Such division of classes has invited an exploring situation for the class hatred with profound unbound zeal and enthusiasm. We have diversified our energies towards the sections of Communities has united individualist approach is social economic check up and political parties with shred policies have rather instigated such diversification in spirit for their virtuous objections. The situation has reached to a stage of class was between the follow citizens. We don’t understand the consequences of our action and invite a trouble by our own in complete absence of enlightened state of affairs. The policy of diplomacy to dominate on the affairs by adopting course of action in the form of divide and Rule politics is worst in respect of its outcome for complete departure of social co-ordination is this process. These should not be of any under recognition to any community because as soon it thinks to have due credit and recognition by the ruling party, it starts to take under advantage of such state of affairs. It is the recommendable to abolish the recognition of any individual by his caste and creed but the recognition should have been the individual from his achievement, potentials, credence, contributions and social and economic conditions. We should have identified the individual not   belonging as to any caste and community for availing and giving such protections.
The worst amongst all is the problem in respect of National integration. Now India society is not he identity by its citizens but it has now become part with by many segmentation were every class and community is a component of such identity, We are living with the different associations having its recognition not on the basis of achievements but on the basis of individual caste and community. This has created an atmosphere of hatred between the sections of society. There should be a single religion, single caste and dominance and that should be known as Indian, only then the dream of National integration can be fulfilled. In such process of gradual evolution our party politics provides obstacles and impediments. Let us hope to come out with this maladies for the betterment national interest.
The talk is not very easy to achieve but is also not one impossible. The first and foremost in this respect can only be done by discipline in younger generations. Hard work and dedications towards creative talk could provide it. Let us began with compulsory military training to every individual who attained the age of 16 years and it should be for five years and in this duration a good stipend and good environment should be provided to every youth according to environmental liking of the individual. It should be done with strict supervision under the Army, Navy and Air Force. The employment should be given only on the basis of the recommendations which the person achieve during his entire tenure of training under such discipline. It should not be recommendatory but it should be based on the potential analysis which should have to be examined during their competitions and exam in such duration. A Board of experts should be deputed to analyse individual activities and among those who may prove them salve to be a good administrator they should be allowed to form administration. Those who have their interest in sports should be allowed to go for their training. Those who believe in profession should be sent for studies and those who have scientific mind should be sent for research work and those who went to remain in Army they should have given a rank in Army and so on then only the dream of National integration can be fulfilled.
Secondly, no particular community should be allowed to remain constantly on the identical situations but it is should be disbursed to the different regions and a good boons  be allowed to be given to those who want to go to other province and in such a manner there will be mixing of different class, caste and communities through out the country. It must be make a rule that people of different province if they desire to settle in other part of the country then they will be given free residential accommodations into certain extend and better future prospects. There should not be any reservation in this respect. Government has vast land and it can be done on some places where no one is residing at present but in future there is a planning for development. The ecology and environment should also be duly protected while mixing the creed and caste of a particular description. There will be new problem like the problem of terrorists in Punjab, Kashmir and Assam. To my mind these problems are the creations of political parties and for the implementations of the task of National integration, the political person will provide the government obstacle.
The shifting of individual community members to other province may be done at the cost of Government and every method must be provided for their rehabilitation. If any individual provide undue resistance in the process of reconciliation or he has no such spirit of National integration than the solution and alternative to deal with such individual in to conscience such individual from our persuasion and insistment and it was there after does not deserve to provide any valuable assistance then he does not serves to utilise the resources of our country. He is just like a traitor and anti national and certainly he deserves for more deterrent punishment. Nothing can be more heinous crime that a crime of betraying to our great Nation. Let the contentious of some peoples or sacrificed for the betterment of the rest of the other people. National integration is born in the hearts of the citizen, inter faith, harmony and consciousness of essential unity of all religions is the first requirement of National integration. Time is flying. Therefore never we set it. When our body and mind will become weak and in firm, our efforts may lead us to vein. Every desire has tremendous force if accomplice with aspirations and grace of God. Thereafter the leader of success never seems to be crowded at top level. An urge may lead to a big surge. Bliss your purity. Fearlessness, purity of heart, steadfastness knowledge, Harmlessness, truth, peacefulness, absence of anger, vigour, forgiveness, fortitude purity and absence of hatred.
The nature of prevailing maladies and inadequacy of existing remedies also requires a fresh appraisal. A lack of sense of duty and dedication towards public service and reluctance towards confirm one’s own behaviour to the accepted norms of honesty and probity in public life is the rest cause of such disharmony. This picture of disharmony in the epic of progress never imperilled the fundamentals of duty and obedience as the basis of social discipline. If honesty is considered to be stupidity, nothing can be achieved for eradication of corruption. The entire fabric of Indian society is saturated with galloping corruption which if not checked with iron hand will definitely ruin the every structure of country’s basis foundation resulting its collapse in all sphere pf management. Until and unless corruption is checked at top level of administration, the dream of illumination of the corruption from public life shall not be fulfilled.
Therefore, it is for the Advocate to take the command as advocacy is not a craft, but a calling of the time, a profession which is dedicated for devotion to duty and constitutes the hall mark. Implementation of strong ideas for betterment of mankind requires steadfast wisdom. Such new and triumphant idea should burst every chain which tends to paralyse its efforts to push forward. Most of the people tend to see nothing or, to be more correctly stated, not incline to observe and take anything in notice because this is simplest and cheknest attitude to adopt. The ensuring success are mostly least understand at the beginning because they are usually in strong contrast of public opinion.
Calamities are touch stone of Brave mind. Adversary leads a man to reach the path of prosperity and happiness which is ultimately leading to the feeling of self contentment. Those who are dying in starvation, the greatest seems to have the dust and smoke over their inner conscience their remains always the conflict between right and wrong. Crimes speaks in it by over shadowing thoughts. Therefore it is rightly said that every action has it immediate reaction. One can get the answer towards his life when he attains the stage of self realisation passions, conflict of mind if diversified to right directions trends a man towards reformative approach of life. The majority can that the majority represent not only the ignorant people but also the cowardice mentality. . Since hundred of black head person do not equal one man of wisdom as such the parliament democracy is not capable of any political line of action which requires moral strength and fortitude . There is no responsibility on the individual leader. This creates apathetic mediocrity. These leaders placed their energy for their position and they find difficult to wait for they’re when their number comes after waiting over others. Thus they may use to stand in a long queue, painfully and anxiously waiting for their turn by counting the number of those ahead of them and planning for same scandal which may remove one of the aspirant waiting ahead of them. In this process if by chance somebody sticks too long in his office then the leader placed subsequently in the long queue consider this fact as a breach of undertaking based on sacrosanct contract and mutual solidarity. This leads over his chair for public disposal. In this process the leader placed on the top of a particular political party has a very little chance of getting another opportunity and this process continue for a long period by keeping all of the other important matter in the interest of the nation. Power does not make a man corrupt but it is the fear of loss of the power, which makes the man corrupt. Thus the leader of the party placed in the highest office heading the entire country at his disposal and some time the Chief Minister of the particular State becomes an instrument of exploitation of the resources of the country and some time the interest of country in itself is being sold to other person inimical to the interest of the Nation. The result of this is that in such a state, the succession of sudden change in public position and in public office, has a very disadvantageous effect on the situation. Therefore only the ignorant and incompetent person may fall the victim of such mediocrity parliamentary system which is a deception on the democratic set up. The people depends on their fate just to take a chance for another change in the position of the leadership. As soon as the superior quality of such leader are recognised, there will be a joint front against him and such leader will be fallen in the habit of intermingling with nincompoops on their own levels. These vitious element wait to have their own company and will take a hostile rant leader is so blind in their dis-mention that they crucify the interest of the Nation by seeing the entire Nation into turmoil and anarchy. This leads to an inevitable result that the intellectual level of ruling class sinks to the rest by falling the tree of the National Prosperity.
Mentle equipment requires moral strength and fortitude anything great can not be achieved without danger. If there can be time to expose the falsehoods and fallacies through discussion just to avert the evil in the process of gradual evaluation, the remedy is to be applied by way of more speech not by enforced silence. We have a burning soul for having a burning soul for having a breath of reincarnation to build up a ship of progress which may sail our beat. In such gradual advancement certainly we have to pay the toil of our courage and enthusiasm. We can not remain as silent spectator by visualising the remains of bashes and flowers which in gradual disintegration may diminish the image of reformation. Our potential will prove the power to resist against the evil disasters which can only survive through out will power.
It has been rightly observed that civilisation beings in order, grows with liberty and ultimately dies in chaos. As such civil liberty are always safe as long as his or her exercise do not bother anyone. No state can justify the existence of administration of justice, if it fails to perform the maintenance of right within a political community by means of physical force of the state. Our present Administration system and judicial institution are nothing to do with the steady spontaneous growth of deteriorated state of our society which is considered for vacillation of purpose and exhibited in those experiments. The conflicts of opinion and rivalry of interest influence them. There is no steady advance towards higher condition of progress. If it require by reason is power of law which is incapable to keep society in awe and as such it is not possible for an individual to live in society. Legal justice can only be represented through collective wisdom which is to be preferred to the wisdom of any individual. Legal justice has failed to serve the purpose of society because it is becoming more complicated and right as well as conservative as a result it gives more importance to form than to substance. Life is a sky look , always it demands, the entire world worship to ascending sun. A successful man is always for bidder of individual success. Ultimately we have to choose between the reason and sentiments. We have to stake our life to win the life for our self. A small movement may best serve as an instrument to serve its own way. The strong is strongest when alone. The impossible is often uniried. We should not forget to Tennessee’s charge of light brigade.
“There is not to make reply,
There is not to reason why,
There is but to do and die.
” Life is only an urge to move on this so; it is transcript.
“I slept and dreamed
Life was beauty
I woke and saw
Life was duty”
Die and you will win heaven; conquer and you enjoy sovereignty of the earth, therefore stand up determined to fight. The man dwelling on senses objects develops attachment from them, and he who lacks determination is devoid of the faith, and is at the same time possessed by doubts who is lost to the spiritual path. For the doubting soul there is neither this world nor the world beyond, nor even happiness.
Sensibility leads a man towards abnormality, but in sensibility lead a man towards crime. Certainly you are not a criminal as you can very well digested. Man generally forgets anything effecting superficially to his psychology, but once he has been attached to his ultimately he becomes the burn which is not easy to discharged in ordinary process. Then he adopts, either forgiveness to his weakness or synthesised his best to see his face in mirror, which may perchance leads to happiness.
Trafficking in doubtful claims, one of the least attractive phase of litigation in this country, which find no encouragement in such a system, while the right of the creditors are postcode with a jealously not less scrupulous than that which we find in the system with which we are more familiar. The order of lawyers are conservative by instinct and there are not a few who believe not only in the necessity but in the absolute sacredness of every technical rule, however unreasonable, and who see nothing but peril in innovations, however beneficial. The lawyers are always having perplexed with fear of change. He knoweth not the law who knoweth not the reason there of, therefore, it is not advisable to live in cloistered seclusion, detached from the world and all its pursuits. If you are ever tempted to join in the fierce hunt after the vulgar prizes of the world, remember that after all. That accretes and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more.
“There is a land in the present age,
Where the people live in graves
Liberty, freedom all unknown,
Service and be slaves.
The people are living in free past glory of their own as an outright, beggars would had sung, Well once upon a time. I was a king
When such of the attitude of the people
How can they get the freedom,
Least to talk of liberty.
Yet a certain day may come
When the people will hum
In the orchard of freedom
Taste the juice of liberty”.
(Not hearsay, not gossip, not publicity, but action.)